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The Pursuit of Knowledge

I have been around the block. I’ve stumbled. I’ve gotten back up. and I’ve come back for more. Yet some might ask what this proverbial “block” is? I’ll answer in saying that I have been on a hunt, nay a quest for knowledge for the past …oh 18 and a half years? See, I love knowledge; trivial, temporal, spiritual, quintessential, and paramount. you name it, and I love to learn.

My ‘quest’ here is a simple one. I want to share all I know, and all I learn, and hopefully learn more from you readers. I’m not out for money, nor recognition. just the simple joy of honest work for others.

Some might ask me who I am to teach all of you? And to this I ask, who are you? a simple student. just like me. So to answer your question. I am a no one. I have no doctorate degree with Harvard Medical school, nor a masters In quantum physics. I just love to learn.  Not everyone will understand my quest for information, but hopefully someone out there will recognize my idea for a genuine one.



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