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The Deep Web.

I’ve recently found out about an interesting thing called the “deep web” . This odd entity is call the deep web because it is inaccessible by the conventional means (google, yahoo, bing, ect) it is the deep dark, white under belly of the internet. I learned of this anomaly and (naturally) instantly sett out to find out more. I learned that it is (in essence) the black market of the internet. you can buy anything that you can possibly imagine in this place. You can hire anybody to do anything in this place.

  • SO i ask myself “So, if this place is so big and bad, then why don’t the government officials take such things down and out?” the answer? without conventional mean of tracking access, views, and other such tech-ie things, like you IP address, it’s nearly impossible to take anythingdown on the deep web.
  • WARNING – I didn’t think twice about looking into this dastardly place. and I quickly realized my mistake. this isn’t just some funky site on the web. This things is HUGE and honestly? it’s evil. there is no way to administer any sort of authority over this place. Nor is there and way to save yourself from this place. I made the mistake of going in without even considering the technicalities of this place. first and foremost, you need to protect your self. it is EASY to become hacked here. you are vulnerable beyond reason.
  • besides that, there really isn’t too much io can say about this large part of our unwitting involvement. just be careful, and don’t go in with out A LOT of proxies covering your butt,

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