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#1 how to win at roulette

So, I was surfing around when I found and interesting little tidbit on the internet the other day. The Idea is simple. Go in, choose a color, put a single dollar on it. If you’re lucky, you win a dollar. if you lose, you pick the same color, only this time you bet $2. One of two things will happen. One. you will win. When you win, you will win back the $1 you lost the last time plus, you will win $1. Two. you lose. if it’s the latter, then you must pick the same color, and bet $4. again, if you win, you’ll win the $1, and the $2 that you’ve lost. +$1.

  • Now, this is relatively simple, so I ask myself. “Christian, people have been trying to scam roulette since the dawn of roulette time. So, why hasn’t this ever been done before?” I did some research, and it come out that it has. and it worked! at least kind of. See, the thing is, basic mathematical statistics say that, if you have a 50/50% chance (red/black)  then to find out what of getting a number twice out of two spins is (1/2) *(1/2) = 1/4. or a 25% chance. if you keep doubling for bet, you get 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256, ect, and your chance of getting your choice of color gets multiplied by however many times you roll (or spin, flip, whatever,) so, the idea, is that at 6 doubles, ($64) you have a 1/124 chance of getting a black. (less then 1% !)
  •  HOWEVER! here’s the catch. Another thing that’s a simple fact of life. no matter how many times you reach into the pot and grab a green snake. it doesn’t change the fact, the there are only two snakes, and two colors. The idea that something is “due” is ridiculous! so simply put, It is  more then likely if you keep doubling your money, you are bound  to win. but there is always the chance that the red will be the lucky one. not your black.  and you have to be able to keep your cool even if you have “lost” hundreds of dollars. because, there are only two colors (plus one green Zero) then there is an inevitability that you will cash out soon. Just that the word “soon” is subjective.
  • SO,  DOES IT WORK? the answer? yes and a maybe. Yes, because I’ve tried this in countless simulators online. the maybe? because I’ve never once tried this on a real roulette table. so the fact of the matter is that I simply do not know it it works or now on a real table, with real, hard earned money.
  • SO WHAT NOW? Now that you’ve armed your self with this knowledge, and you have about $100, you can go and try it! the best of luck and I hope you let me know how it works.

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