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The Deep Web.

I’ve recently found out about an interesting thing called the “deep web” . This odd entity is call the deep web because it is inaccessible¬†by the conventional means (google, yahoo, bing, ect) it is the deep dark, white under belly of the internet. I learned of this anomaly and (naturally) instantly sett out to find […]

#1 how to win at roulette

So, I was surfing around when I found and interesting little tidbit on the internet the other day. The Idea is simple. Go in, choose a color, put a single dollar on it. If you’re lucky, you win a dollar. if you lose, you pick the same color, only this time you bet $2. One […]

The Pursuit of Knowledge

I have been around the block. I’ve stumbled. I’ve gotten back up. and I’ve come back for more. Yet some might ask what this proverbial “block” is? I’ll answer¬†in saying that I have been on a hunt, nay a quest for knowledge for the past …oh 18 and a half years? See, I love knowledge; […]